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Business Coach, Trainer and Adviser


+358 40 5734733

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For more than 25 years, I have carried out multiple roles in a multinational company: project manager, team leader, team manager and department manager with responsibility for profit and loss. Solid learning based on experience.

I have had the good fortune to work with women and men of all nationalities, from Taiwan in the east to Honduras in the west. This has provided me with a great opportunity to learn and appreciate the differences and uniqueness of everyone I met.

Every day I marvel at how much honesty, trust, openness, willingness to learn, support, commitment and courage can be found in our world. It forces humility ...

All these years have developed my performance coaching skills for teams and individuals.

My education is  Bsc in Production Economics,  Project Management Professional within PMI and  NLP trainer certified by Sue Knight.


We are all unique and it is through our expressions of that uniqueness that we find our true success.

We all have everything we need within us, right now, to do whatever we want.

And Commitment is central in everything I do and I offer you my commitment to my work with you


I work in real-time with the clients, andI offer them feedback on patterns I observe that make their lives what they are today.

By giving feedback in this way ,we have a choice to develop this awareness  for ourselves  and to either keep those patterns, or to add some new options.


As my body and brain are part of the same system there is a need and interest for me to spend some time exercising every day.

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